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Galit Zuckerman Stark
Alejandro Weinstein and Henry Weinstein
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Medasense is the developer of a unique technology that objectively monitors and quantifies the patient’s pain response level using artificial intelligence algorithms and a proprietary noninvasive sensor platform.

The anesthesia community has needed a technology like NOL for a long time,We have devices that monitor depth of anesthesia, we have TOF cuffs to check for patient movement, but the missing piece of the puzzle is a way to monitor the effect of the opioid or opioid sparing analgesia. Relying on patient's heart rate and blood pressure is neither specific nor sensitive enough to pain. This technology as an adjunctive to clinical judgment will provide a window into the patient's nociceptive state during surgery so we can personalize the way we administer analgesia, improving the patient's recovery

Frank Overdyk, MSEE, MD, Charleston, SC