What is OTV?

OTV is a venture capital fund that invests in mid-growth stage digital health startups that aim to make a significant impact on people’s lives. Our focus is on entrepreneurs in the realm of digital health who are advancing the global state of well-being and good health.

New Frontiers in Digital Health

Our Vision

We believe that digital health startups need a champion who is experienced in guiding successful new enterprises.

Our goal is to blaze a path for disruptive innovations within a significantly impactful field, setting new standards for global advances in digital health.

Ideas that change the world

Why Us?

We founded 7 successful companies that generated over $4B in gains before we became a VC. Now after 5 years of working together as a team, we are partnering with our founders to build new successful companies. We never rest on past achievements, but use them to fuel our search for the next idea that can change the world and save lives.

Enabling innovation

Our Mission

At OTV, our mission is simple: to find entrepreneurs with the most innovative, disruptive ideas in the digital health arena, that improve and save lives, and enable them to build successful, impactful companies.

Digital health technology is a young yet high growth vertical, with a market that has grown 150% since 2017 and is expected to be a $540 billion dollar industry by 2025.

But we’re not only about making money. Digital health startups produce innovations that you can feel good about investing in.

These companies truly change lives, improving diagnosis rates for serious illnesses, developing new treatments for terminal diseases, and boosting wellbeing around the world.

Health. Innovation. Investing.
Let's Do It Together