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We look for mid-growth stage, Series A or later, startups in the field of digital health. Most attractive to us are companies that are able to demonstrate that they solve a real world problem in healthcare, their innovation is truly game changing, and have a viable business model. Much of our decision is influenced by the founder's character; they must be passionate, dynamic, and humble, as well as experts in their domain.

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If you’re an entrepreneur in the digital health space, and you’d like to discuss a possible investment, you’re invited to submit your deck here, so that we can review it. If your startup meets our criteria, we’ll arrange a warm, friendly interview so you can sit around this table while we get to know your strengths and weaknesses, discover your short and long-term plans, and explore the potential of your innovations. We ask in-depth questions about your product space, your passion and belief in your product idea, and your personal history as an entrepreneur, as well as the track record of your startup so far.

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Our partners are mentors at, and affiliated with a number of incubators, accelerators, and think-tanks that encourage digital health startups, including

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Deal Flow

When an entrepreneur is looking for an honest partner in the digital health space, he will ask around and hear of our reputation as such. Our best deals come from founders and CEOs of the startups we are currently involved with, as well as from the leaders of startups with which we’ve chosen to not invest. Attributed primarily to our supportive and positive selection process, even those entrepreneurs with whom we don’t join forces, form close ties with our fund and happily refer their friends and colleagues who fit our profile. Many other deals are sourced from accelerators, universities and incubators with which we are involved.

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