What We Offer Entrepreneurs

Collectively we’ve guided five companies to successful exits that have created more than $4 billion in upside and yet, when we invest in your startup, we provide a lot more than money.

a lot more than funding

Hands On Experience

We have inside knowledge of the digital health industry, with team members who have hands-on experience working in pharmaceutical, biomedical health, and diagnostic research enterprises, among other disciplines.

we’ve been in your shoes

We Connect You With The Right People

We partner with multinational corporations; leading hospitals in the US, Europe and Asia; global medical device companies; and multinational digital companies that embark on digital health solutions. Our strategic connections with these corporations are to benefit your startup from product definition and clinical validation, to market access.

new standards in digital health

Always At Your Side

We are always happy to connect you with executives and experts who can address specific challenges and advise you on the way forward.
When we choose to invest in a digital health startup, we’re committed to the success of the company. As entrepreneurs, we’ve been in your shoes before. There are ups and downs and we are here to help. Collectively we’ve experienced the pitfalls that you will face, so we can help you to navigate issues that may arise and guide you toward success.

Take Their Word For It

"We were initially interested in working with OTV because of their creative & hands on approach. Over the years, Alejandro, Amir, Mayer & Henry have been strong professional partners, actively invested in helping us progress. We have developed close relationships and enjoy brainstorming with them."

Asher Polani
Co-Founder, ContinUse

"OTV saw the potential in Medasense before we had commercialized our product. They helped to cross the financial chasm from an R&D company to a commercial company, while crystalizing our mindset on the importance of creating value while being very cautious with available resources."

Galit Zuckerman Stark
Founder & CEO, Medasense

"We were seeking a partner who would provide capital and join us in implementing the roll-out phase of HyGIeacare. It was important to us that the partner would have deep industry knowledge and experience, and could bring additional value to the company, while embracing the company's vision and goals. In OTV we found all of the above."

Gavriel D. Meron
CEO, HyGIeacare

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