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Gavriel D. Meron
Mayer Gniwisch and Henry Weinstein
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HyGIeaCare establishes HyGIeaCare Centers in partnership with hospitals and GI clinics. Gastroenterologists in these facilities refer their patients with a prescription to perform a simpler and easier bowel prep. This colonoscopy preparation is performed on the same day and before colonoscopy itself. In the US, 14.5M screening colonoscopies are performed each year.

We were seeking a partner who would provide capital and join us in implementing the roll-out phase of HyGIeacare so that together, we can create HyGIeacare as the standard of care for prep for colonoscopy and chronic constipation relief. It was important to us that the partner would have deep industry knowledge and experience, and could bring additional value to the company, while embracing the company's vision and goals. In OTV we found all of the above, and the whole OTV team is engaged to help us succeed. The HyGIeacare management team, its board members, the OTV team - all with relevant experience, multiple connections, access to capital, and proven records of success - together provide tremendous value in our joint goal of making HyGIeacare a huge success.

Gavriel D. Meron, CEO, HyGIeaCare