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Boaz Ur
Mayer Gniwisch
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HARBO Technologies offers the fastest oil spill first response system in the world. Instead of relying on massive, bulky equipment and a large team of skilled professionals, HARBO’s T-FENCE system can be deployed in minutes by two people at the spill source – whether on a vessel, at a port or an oil terminal. As the world’s lightest yet heavy duty solution, it immediately stops the spread of oil spills and can be used even in the most remote locations as it requires minimal logistics. HARBO was named most promising energy and cleantech company at Rice Alliance Energy Venture Forum.

From day one we were impressed by OTV's approach of assisting the company with a global network of connections and thinking outside the box. The team at OTV - Mayer, Amir and Manor, as well as their LPs - is always constructive, working with the company, and helping it.

Boaz Ur, CEO, Harbo Technologies