Senior Software Engineer


Tel Aviv, Israel

About the Company

What You will Be Doing: Take responsibility for the company’s core software modules. Work together with different R&D teams in defining and designing the new technologies which are going to be used in our systems. Design and implement software from concept requirement to working prototype. Redesign existing software to allow it to adapt to new hardware and to improve performance. Design and develop embedded software

About the Role

We are now hiring for a Technical Integration Position for innovative projects in the company. We are looking for fresh military graduates, especially from technological units, or first-years students with at least 80% availability. The job requires high technical orientation and willingness to learn, but does not require any previous specific skills – many tools and techniques will be taught throughout the training process. This exciting role involves conducting experiments with our digital microscope in collaboration with labs and experts from various clinical areas. In addition, the position will require operating our device by getting to know all of its layers: mechanics, optics, and software, as well as learning the algorithms that run the system.


What We are looking for:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent degree
  • 3+ years experience developing and debugging C++, C, or Python applications.
  • Experience with Linux Memory Management, Linux kernels, and Interrupt handling.
  • Experience in RT embedded development
  • Pay attention to details, highly motivated and independent individual
  • Passion for clean, elegant, and well-documented source code


  • Hands-on experience with electronics, imaging sensors, and optical equipment.
  • Experience with ARM.
  • Experience with image processing.
  • Medical Device background.

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